Atlas of electromyography — first online atlas of electromyography


Atlas of Electromyography

The Online Atlas of Electromyography is a useful source of knowledge for the advanced training of medical students, neurologists and specialists in the field of neurophysiology and electromyography.

About project

This educational website is a non-commercial project created thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of specialists in the field of neurology and programming. The subsequent development of the atlas of electromyography will largely depend on voluntary donations from users of this web site.
We express special gratitude to Professor A. Arturo Leis M.D., Vicente C. Trapani M.D. and Professor Jun Kimura M.D. for their fundamental works in the field of neurophysiology and electromyography.

We wish you success in the study of electromyography :)

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肌电图在线地图集是神经生理学和肌电图领域的医学生,神经学家和专家的高级培训知识的有用的来源。 这个教育网站是一个非盈利的项目,由于神经学和编程领域的一批专家的热情而创建的。 随后发展的肌电图图谱在很大程度上取决于本网站用户的自愿捐赠。 我们特别感谢A. Arturo Leis M.D.,Vicente C. Trapani M.D.教授和Jun Kimura M.D.教授在神经生理学和肌电图领域的基础研究。 我们希望你在肌电图研究方面取得成功。